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Although I am quite busy at work, I always try not to forget private life. But quite often, private life is reduced to spend the evening on the sofa, reading an exciting book. When I have some more enthusiasm, I start knitting or other needle work, use the fretsaw, the drilling machine, the hammer, the paint brush and some colours. Using lots of imagination, this results mostly in a clock and sometimes in a jumper.

The only reasons which make me get out off bed early in the morning, are either duties or my bird hobby, because birds have the bad habit to sing best in the early morning. Since my ears are not those of a professional musician, I still have problems to distinguish a firecrest and a goldcrest, but I manage quite well with chiff-chaff and nightingale. And I hope that the rest will come in the future.

Recently, I got interested in digital photographing of birds. On the site bird pictures, you find a list of the birds, which did not fly away while I was taking a picture, and their photographs.

I like to spend my holidays far away from home. As already my ancestors were vagabonds, the same as me during university time, I have friends and family all over the world, and like to visit them in my holidays or after a business trip. I like foreign languages, and I do not like travelling in countries, where I do not understand anything.

But this is not the only reason, why I always enjoy returning to Austria. I still like remembering the one year, I passed in Vienna, and where I would have prefered to stay. But destiny and special ideas concerning a professional carrier made me move to northern German provinces (Einbeck).

I am not very ambitious concerning sports. I like riding a bicycle, and in winter, I go cross country skiing. For me it is not really important to be fast and to go far, but to stay outside in the sun and fresh air. When I see a mountain, I always want to climb it, a habit probably due to my childhood at the foot of the Alps (Bruckmühl).

Now this sounds as if I was an outdoor fanatic. But I also like cinemas, pubs, good dinners, either self made, with friends or in a restaurant, a beer or a glass of wine.